Dioptase with Plancheite, Quartz and Chrysocolla
Cabinet, 11.5 x 9.6 x 4.5 cm
Sanda, Kimbedi, Pool Department, Republic of the Congo

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Dazzling specimen bejeweled with emerald green Dioptase crystals, scintillating drusy Quartz overgrowing sky-blue Plancheite and highlighted by Chrysocolla around the perimeter! So where to begin on an impressive piece such as this, but from the outside in? Gray silicified Quartz matrix is the host to this gorgeous piece and it rims the periphery followed by vibrant, pale blue-white Chrysocolla around the large vug. The interior of the vug is lined first with innumerable, light sky-blue spheres of Plancheite from 0.5 to 2mm in diameter and these are overgrown by super clear and lustrous small Quartz crystals all through the vug and create a marvelous effect in combination with the Plancheite underneath! And if that isn't enough, the piece is graced with several, transparent, emerald green Dioptase crystals that display excellent luster and one is 1.5cm in length. Just a kaleidoscopic combination piece from the Congo! Spirifer Minerals label - I bought it from Tomek at Tucson, and it was just such a unique specimen I had to have it - the only one of its style in a whole pocket, that his company recovered in a mining operation there in summer of 2019. Hard to convey in photos, but trust us it is a unique, multilayered piece with layers of beauty, in person. Never seen anything quite like it.