Explore the largest and most diverse single-source site for fine minerals and mineral specimens at auction. This is an inventory liquidation venue where you can find thousands of mineral and gem specimens for auction from well-known collections. Enjoy low minimum bids and an easy-to-use online bidding system.

Why shop the auctions?

When buying collections from people, we often need to purchase an entire collection in order to acquire a few key pieces. We then end up with a surplus of great specimens that we can offer at low prices to help liquidate inventory and clear space in our warehouse to make room for new collections.


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Before you go, have you searched the database to see if we have pieces for sale on iRocks.com that might fit your collection? For example, try searching for all available mineral specimens for $500 or less, explore galleries of our recently posted minerals, or hunt for new treasures in our themed galleries.

The Arkenstone loves participating in auctions, too! Watch Dr. Rob Lavinsky as he bids and wins the Madonna Rose Quartz, the signature piece from Heritage Auction's 2013 Hoppel 1 Mineral Auction.