Kimbedi, Mindouli Dist., Pool Dept., Republic of the Congo
Thumbnail, 2.6 x 2.2 x 1.8 cm
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Brilliant luster and translucence, along with a superb emerald green color highlight this dioptase specimen from Mindouli. As an added bonus ,the larger crystal, measuring 2.5 cm in length, is also doubly terminated as it hangs off a matrix perch! While Tsumeb dioptases are considered the gold standard, you almost never see one inch crystals in a balanced, fine thumbnail specimen from there. Also, most Tsumeb material is older, and may have some damage. Perfect thumbnails exist, and are treasured - but the desired aesthetic there is usually of a single upright green point on matrix of white calcite. This is something different, a really eye popping sculptural specimen of intense color. It has color that is 99 percent to Tsumeb level, the best we have seen from Mindouli to date. Although contemporary (probably circa 2018-2019), it is hard to imagine a better one in this size and style, and surely they will appreciate in value over time the way Tsumeb dioptase has. As a competitive thumbnail, for the boxbuster size and impact of the free floating doubly-terminated crystal, this has huge eye appeal that lets us rank it among the best display thumbnails of the species, in our opinion.