Arkenstone Videos

Video Clips

The Arkenstone has been featured in a variety of media, including a selection of video clips below. In addition to the What's Hot in Tucson and What's Hot in Munich series, The Arkenstone also has been a sponsor of several television programs and documentaries, most recently the Mineral Explorers series.

[hr]Dr. Robert Lavinsky wins the Madonna Rose Quartz from Heritage Auction's fine mineral specimen auction event in June 2013 showcasing minerals from the Hoppel Collection.

[hr]What's Hot in Tucson 2014

[hr]What's Hot in Munich 2013

[hr]The Dallas Mineral Collecting Symposium - Jon Voelter - Introduction to Mineral Cleaning and Preparation

[hr]What's Hot in Tucson 2008

[hr] 2008 Munich Report: Rob Lavinsky - The Arkenstone