Quartz with Phantoms
Piz Regina, Lumbrein, Lumnezia, Surselva Region, Grisons, Switzerland
Cabinet, 14.1 x 6.7 x 6.1 cm
Ex. Brent Lockhart
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Here is a very beautiful and dramatic phantom Quartz crystal from Switzerland formerly in Brent Lockhart's Swiss collection of fine minerals. This robust crystal measures over five and a half inches in length and two and a half inches across with several faces having a super glassy luster and one acts as a window into the stunning interior! A large pyramidal face and one of the prism faces show a series of amazing phantoms inside, a couple that are apparent and a few that are subtle. The phantoms reveal earlier stages of Quartz formation within and what is remarkable is that the phantoms are only developed on the back two-thirds of the crystals on the interior, the front third as you are looking into the top face shows the entire crystal in that area to be completely transparent revealing no phantoms at all, only on the rear portion of the crystal. So, whatever is responsible for coating and producing the phantoms was directional in nature within the cavity hosting this crystal! There are a few subtle phantoms near the termination and then within the body of the crystal there are two distinct, pale dove gray phantoms that are about 5 mm apart, and then there must be another seven, very thin, 1 mm, phantoms separated by clear areas that are also about 1 mm apart...and these occur between AND above the two more obvious phantoms! There are even a few faint phantoms lower into the crystal as a bonus, Absolutely fascinating, so much so that one could get lost viewing the intricacies of this crystal for hours! It has a perfect pointed termination with only a couple of small areas of chatter at intersecting faces. Two of the rear faces are lightly frosted, one shows some crazing and another shows some contacting, but this in no way takes away from this marvelous crystal and the story it has to tell inside. From the well-known Brent Lockhart Swiss minerals collection (which we purchased in 2021). Sourced for Brent by Siber&Siber, the multigenerational fine Swiss minerals dealership. 774 grams.