Lucite Bases

Custom Lucite Basemaking Services

The Arkenstone,, has our own custom lucite base-making services to safely and aesthetically display your minerals at their best. Whether managing single crystals or specimens on beautiful matrices, our engraved lucite bases will make sure your pieces sparkle and shine.

Let us help you create a custom lucite base hand-carved to solidly and safely display any specimen. Our on-site plastics lab can create custom-fitted display bases to more professionally and more safely display your collection. This includes custom name engraving on the front face, and our bases can be adapted to securely display even the most complex of fine mineral specimens.

The Arkenstone is glad to have helped produce displays for many museums, private collections, and auctions, including Heritage Auction and the University of Arizona's Flandrau Science Center.

These top-of-the-line bases are selected in dimensions specifically chosen for each mineral specimen, and the lucite bases are then hand-drilled to carve out a safe and attractive base for your fine minerals.

We are happy to work with companies, organizations, and individuals on volume discounts for large orders.

Ordering Custom Bases

For ordering information, please contact