Fine Mineral Photography


Fine Mineral Photography

If you're like most of the collectors we work with at The Arkenstone, you probably love looking at pictures of your fine mineral specimens almost as much as you enjoy viewing them in person. With our professional photography studios and years of experience, our photographers can create beautiful photos of your favorite pieces.

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Our Photographers

The Arkenstone has a team of photographers at the gallery who are trained and equipped to shoot minerals to make them look their best. Many photos produced here at The Arkenstone have been featured on covers of magazines, books, show posters, museum publications and more.

Sulfur from Sicily, Italy. Photo by Joe Budd, courtesy of The Arkenstone, Sulfur from Sicily, Italy. Photo by Joe Budd.

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In addition to viewing minerals shot by our photographers on The Arkenstone database of minerals and fine mineral galleries, you can also explore beautiful photographs on our site.

colombia emerald matrix specimen beryl
Phenomenal Colombian emerald in matrix.