Huanggang Fe-Sn deposit, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, China
Cabinet, 9.2 x 7.4 x 6.0 cm
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A gorgeous stellate Quartz cluster from the Huanggang Mines in China, from older finds: The primary Quartz crystals on the piece are a pair of doubly terminated, divergent crystals that form a cross with the components having a slender "waist" that blossom out toward the ends into terminations for amazing effect. The vertical component of the cross is 7.3 cm in length and 1.8 cm across at the top and the opposing portion at the bottom has crystals that are a more slender. The crossing, horizontal crystals measure 7.4 cm from tip to tip and then there are numerous other single to doubly terminated Quartz crystals that fill in some areas around the crystalline cross. There is also a stout Quartz crystal that juts out from the base to add balance to the piece. The body of most of the Quartz crystals is milky while the tips are crystal-clear. A beautiful and very aesthetic piece, like a bowtie of crystals!