Dioptase with Cerussite
Kimbedi, Mindouli Dist., Pool Dept., Republic of the Congo
Cabinet, 12.1 x 10.0 x 5.7 cm
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The Republic of Congo location at Mindouli has recently, in about 2016-2020, produced a shocking variety of beautiful dioptase specimens of both high quality and large sizes, the kind that would cost much more from the established localities in Namibia from which most other modern production has come (Kaokoveld and Tsumeb). This is a modern bonanza find for collectors who want examples of this gorgeous copper mineral in large size and high quality. This huge plate features crystals of the best deep color to 1 cm, and is decorated/accented with reticulated cerussite clusters! This contrast was found only very rarely in other locations, and I am certain there are few if any specimens this size with such a rich combination. The contrasts of the two species elevate an already large and important dioptase specimen.