Rob Lavinsky Donates Massive Stibnite

Jan 26, 2024

Dr. Robert Lavinsky, founder and owner of The Arkenstone,, was honored to donate one of the world’s largest stibnite crystals to the University of Arizona’s Alfie Norville Gem and Mineral Museum.

The donation was celebrated at a reception on January 25, 2024 at the museum, at the start of the 2024 Tucson Mineral Show Season.

Mined in 2003 in Jiangxi, China, this stibnite is one of the largest surviving specimens from what has become one of the world’s most significant stibnite finds.

“I am incredibly thankful to Dr. Lavinsky,” said University of Arizona President Robert C. Robbins. “His generous donation of the incredible stibnite piece places the University of Arizona Alfie Norville Gem and Mineral Museum at the forefront of global mineral exhibits and boosts the museum’s ability to provide a unique opportunity for individuals of all ages to engage with the history and importance of minerals.” (Read the full press release from the museum.)

Stibnite on display at the University of Arizona
Massive stibnite from the University of Arizona’s Mineral and Gem Hall, donated by Dr. Robert Lavinsky

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