Quartz and Pyrite
Spruce Claim, Goldmyer Hot Springs, King Co., Washington, USA
Small Cabinet, 8.0 x 7.2 x 5.5 cm
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This Washington State locality for Quartz-Pyrite combinations is well known, largely by U.S. collectors, and is difficult to access due to its remoteness. Collectors must drop in by helicopter, rappel down, and collect off the precarious cliffs here. Thus, as you can imagine, good specimens are few and far between. This specimen is a very good example of the classic combo you find here with a cluster of sharp Pyrite cubes growing amongst, and flanked by, numerous, water-clear Quartz prisms creating great visual impact. The Pyrite association with Quartz is what made this place famous and worth the effort of accessing, not to mention the obvious stark contrast of both form and color for this pair is among the more striking combinations in minerals. All of the prominent Quartz crystals in this cluster are in excellent condition with only some slight crazing at the tip of the large crystal at the rear. The Pyrites are in good condition with some cracks and corner nicks which is not uncommon for the locality. There is some contacting around the periphery. A very nice combination piece from this remote U.S. locality! Few of this size are without repair, but this one is in good condition.

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