Pyrite and Quartz
Spruce Ridge, Snoqualmie Mining Dist., King Co., Washington, USA
Cabinet, 11.2 x 6.3 x 5.0 cm
Ex. Robert Sielecki
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This superb large cabinet specimen is from THE prominent USA locality for pyrite and features a large and prominent pyritohedron and several other Pyrites associated with glassy, colorless Quartz crystals. This Washington State locality for Quartz-Pyrite combinations like this is well known by U.S. collectors and is difficult to access due to its remoteness. Collectors must drop in by helicopter, rappel down, and collect off the precipitous cliffs. You can imagine that good specimens from here are few and far between. This piece is a very good example of the classic combo you find here with sharp Pyrite crystals growing amongst water-clear Quartz prisms. The big Pyrite on the right side of the piece measures 5.5 cm across and every face of this pyritohedron is distinctly striated. There are three other Pyrite crystals balancing out the other side of the piece that are about 2 cm across with similar form. Perched in between them are several beautiful gem Quartz points from 1 to 4 cm in length. The large Pyrite is essentially pristine and the other Pyrites are in great shape with only one of them having a ding on the backside. All of the Quartz points are pristine. It is in fine shape considering how difficult these are to collect, with no repairs, and it displays phenomenally. It has everything going for it and we would rank it among the better examples of its size and crystal class. It was purchased in Australia from the personal collection of dealer/collector Rob Sielecki. Note that American Pyrites of this size and caliber are unique for the Quartz association, and also 1000 times more rare than a comparably sized crystal from Peru.