Quartz (Japan Law twin)
Collier Creek Mine, Mt Ida, Montgomery Co., Arkansas, USA
Cabinet, 12 x 10 x 8 cm
Ex. James Zigras
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this is an important quartz from the United States, as it shows a Japan Law twin habit right in the middle of a gorgeous cluster, from Arkansas. Such pieces are extremely rare, less than 1 in 10,000 probably. Over the years, I have seen a number of smaller examples, and a very few larger examples, all from this one famous mine which seems to produce more than its nearby brethren localities. In addition to its importance as a USA specimen with this rare habit, and of good display size, the piece is significant for the collector because it is dramatically displayable, beautiful, and complete 360 degrees without damage. In fact, this seems to be a floater cluster, all interconnected and with no attachment points to matrix, or broken crystals and damage. Even the bottom is complete, sharp, and crystallized all around! It is, overall, one of the most remarkable examples in this size range I have seen, for my own tastes in aesthetic specimens. There are several famous large pieces, all from decades go - and too much size and value for most of us. Other than some small pieces which were more generally just examples, this one is the most significant such specimen overall I have personally been able to handle and sell. This specimen came out of the private collection of James Zigras, who collects Arkansas quartz and himself owns several mines in the area. From the mine owners website, a little context: The Collier Creek Quartz Crystal Mine is nine original 20 acre mine claims filed in the late 1920