Beryl (Var: Morganite), Albite
Darra-i-Pech (Pech; Peech; Darra-e-Pech) Pegmatite Field, Nangarhar (Ningarhar) Province, Afghanistan
Small Cabinet, 5.1 x 3.7 x 3.5 cm
This superb miniature specimen is a glassy, gemmy, transparent, glowing pink morganite crystal with exceptional color, perched smartly with bits of cleavelandite. The faces are sharp and smooth like glass, showing none of the typical etching one normally sees in morganites from here. As is typical for this locality, the front and back faces are glassy but some of the side bevels are of a duller, matte luster - typical for the locality, in any case. Usually, only one gemmy frontal face shows and these tend to be buried in the matrix, thus making this exceptional for its display position which shows both glassy, clean rear and front faces. You can look right through it. Lastly, the specimen is virtually pristine.