Beryl var. Aquamarine with Scheelite
Pingwu Village, Mt. Xuebaoding, Sichuan Province, China
Small Cabinet, 6.1 x 5.2 x 3.1 cm
$3,200.00 $2,400.00
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What a spectacular combination specimen from the Pingwu beryl deposit in China consisting of a large, lustrous, dark orange Scheelite crystal juxtaposed to a cluster of pale blue, glassy Aquamarine Beryl crystals! The sharply formed, doubly terminated Scheelite measures 2.8 cm in length and the stunning Aquamarine cluster is comprised of numerous, gemmy, tabular, modified, hexagonal crystals in parallel and subparallel growth with a few randomly oriented crystals. This is a very handsome combo piece! Excellent contrast and balance make it perhaps unique in this size range.

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