Beryl var. Aquamarine on Albite
Jaqueto mine, Guaratinga, Bahia, Brazil
Cabinet, 13.3 x 4.6 x 3.9 cm
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At 13.5 cm (over 5 inches), this is a really startling example of a MATRIX Jaqueto gem aquamarine, of impressive size. This is a unique style of aquamarine for the color/luster/shape combination that came out of Jacqueto in the early 1990s and today are legendary among collectors of gem crystals. When you say you have a "Jaqueto," most people will know you mean a VERY specific aquamarine style and color, this classic Brazilian style. However, every other example I have seen is a single, usually a doubly-terminated single, that was harvested cleanly in the pocket from the mud and debris at the bottom. This is the only time i have seen a good matrix piece, and here it is actually a contrasting and crystallized matrix of white albite feldspar! The aquamarine is complete, no repairs or damage. It displays phenomenally from several angles using the natural matrix pedestal, something no other Jaqueto aqua can do. A highly significant Brazilian gem crystal.