Quartz Included By Hedenbergite
Sinerechenskoe, near Dalnegorsk, Primorskiy Kray, Russia
Cabinet, 10.0 x 8.0 x 8.0 cm
Ex. Eric Asselborn
Over about 13 years now, I have seen hundreds of specimens from this locality trickle in bits and spurts, from just after the Wall came down to the current days of more open exports from Russia. Usually, I am not impressed. Hedenbergite included quartz tends to be dull and matte-finished, with barely any color, from this locality. HOWEVER, this piece I love. It and one other similar specimen came to me in an exchange from the well-known Asselborn collection in France. These are the finest examples I have seen, myself, by a long shot. Not only are they lustrous and colorful, but they were aesthetic, dramatic, in the terms you would want for a quartz from any location. Most other specimens are just "locality pieces," something neat and different but not in and of themselves a worldclass quartz piece. This transcends fro mthe locality piece designation, to a higher quality level. It is dramatic for its overall arrangement and geometry, and the contrast between the stepped multiple faces of the stalks and the sharp, smooth terminations, is striking visually. The matrix on which this castle-like cluster is perched is made up of andradite garnet.