Beryl var. Emerald in Calcite
Muzo Mine, Boyaca, Colombia
Miniature, 4.7 x 3.2 x 3.5 cm
Ex. Phil Scalisi
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Not a subtle emerald specimen! A stunning intense green emerald crystal is the obvious focal point here, and it demands attention. The crystal has the best, hottest green saturated color possible for Muzo and literally glows as if it is radioactive. It is a color saturation about double the usual specimen color, to estimate how impactful it is. Moreover, the intense green is set against white - and not just any white rock per se, but a crystallized white calcite matrix. You could not ask for a better contrast to emphasize the color. Aside from that most important quality, the crystal is aesthetically perched in the calcite, complete, and not repaired or restored. The termination is broad, at 1.4 cm across. This is an older piece with a label from Phil Scalisis's collection, noting he had obtained it from Sal Avella's private collection. For the size range, with this impact, it is a significant specimen in the size and price range.