Emerald - Huge 2-Inch, Complete Crystal
Muzo Mine, Boyaca Dept., Colombia
Miniature, 5.0 x 3.0 x 2.5 cm
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MORE GEMMY in person, please note! This large crystal weighs in at over 300 carats and is complete all around, terminated and with GLASSY luster on ALL faces. The color is intense! very FEW Colombian emeralds reach sizes of this magnitude, and of those a vanishingly small percentage survive "geology" itself in the form of crystals we would want as collectors after millions of years in the ground. Then, they have to survive mining, extraction, and those ruthless jewelers and faceters who break up lovely crystals for a sliver of rough inside. Can you imagine the value on the lapidary market, particularly in Asia and in the auction houses, of a huge emerald bird or buddha carved from this thing?! I have seen lapidary carvings from previous gem crystals sell for fortunes, more than we would ever pay as a specimen. Thankfully, this crystal has a kinder fate. This is a phenomenal crystal that is obviously somethng significant...and fine, as well. There IS a difference, and the line is not fuzzy at all with this specimen. I bought and SOLD THIS In MID-2006 and just obtained it back recently, still feeling it is one of the biggest and most impressive such crystals I can obtain today as well. (65 grams or approx. 325 carats). Price on request for serious inquiries.