Quartz (Herkimer Diamond)
Fonda, Mohawk Township, Montgomery Co., New York, US
Cabinet, 10.3 x 8.3 x 6.6 cm
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A remarkable and huge Herkimer on a small shard of matrix! This extremely glassy, monster Herkimer measures in at nearly 4 inches and is in essentially pristine condition! it is a monster, for this particular style and shape. The crystal is transparent and water-clear around the periphery and part of the body with the exterior possessing a distinct smoky zone. This smoky rim, upon close inspection, reveals a series of thin, sharply defined phantoms! The interior of the Quartz crystal is not smoky (though it may look so in photos due to refraction) and displays some almost geometric internal crazing which adds to the character of the piece and provides a tremendous amount of internal reflectivity and play of light. It also has just the perfect amount of silicified, gray matrix on the back for perfect presentation and balance. A superb, large, important specimen from the William Metropolis and George Elling Collections

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