Rhodochrosite ps. after Baryte
Santa Rita Mine, Morococha Dist., Yauli Prov., Junin, Peru
Cabinet, 11.9 x 7.5 x 4.8 cm
Ex. Bill & Anne Cook

We have not seen one of these interesting rhodochrosites turn up in many years! A small find of these Rhodochrosite after Baryte pseudomorphs came out of Peru in the mid-1990s, and were quickly shown to be replacements of some rarity, and not found again since that time. The pink Rhodochrosite has completely replaced the pre-existing Baryte crystals while retaining their original elongate tabular form. The replacing Rhodochrosite has preserved the Baryte habit and leaves its own distinctive mark with each of the pseudomorphs enclosed in a rough druse of Rhodochrosite crystals. The bottom of the piece shows a granular sulfide matrix overgrown by milky Quartz and then the Rhodochrosite after Baryte pseudomorphs that don't reveal any remaining Baryte. Obtained in the 1990s direct from the late dealer Dan Belsher, who brought many of them out from Peru.