Hotazel Mine, Hotazel, KMF, Northern Cape, South Africa
Small Cabinet, 5.2 x 3.2 x 2.6 cm
Ex. Vasco Trancoso
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The incredible Rhodochrosite specimens found at these famous Kalahari Manganese Field mines in the late 1970s shocked the mineral world and such specimens have never been seen again, from anywhere, at any time. This would be considered a very significant specimen from those days (circa 1979-1981) for its size and impact that only few specimens attained. It presents a dramatic horizon of gemmy, cherry-red crystals, all spraying out from a granular pink Rhodochrosite matrix that results in a very bright specimen! It has a rich and vibrant cherry color that is hard to convey in a photo or video. Some such specimens are too dark or too light, but this is the perfect and best saturation for color impact. The other amazing aspect of this specimen is that all of the scalenohedral crystals are perfectly terminated save a few along the periphery which is incredibly rare for these! It displays beautifully in a display case with its vibrant red color! The piece can be seen from across the room as a splash of pure cherry-red color the likes of which is seldom seen in the mineral world. This is the best, most gorgeous cherry red color - not too light nor too dark. Such specimens today, are few and far between.