Serandite with Analcime and Natrolite
Poudrette quarry, Mont Saint-Hilaire, La Vallee-du-Richelieu RCM, Monteregie, Quebec, Canada
Miniature, 3.9 x 3.8 x 3.0 cm
Ex. Richard Gaines
$8,000.00 $6,000.00
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The vibrant salmon pink of Mt. St. Hilaire Serandite leaves little doubt why these are considered absolute classics. Mt. St. Hilaire is renowned for the immense variety of mineral species produced during its history; the Poudrette Quarry alone produced 66 type-locality species, of which three great examples are on this colorful and contrasty miniature! The combination of 1 to 1.7cm, snow-white Analcime crystals on the sides of this 3.7cm salmon pink beauty makes this piece “pop”! The Serandite's color is accentuated by the transparent to translucent nature of the crystal which is not common for Saint-Hilaire and may have intrigued its former high profile owners! The associated 2-3mm rosettes of Polylithionite assist in making this an excellent combination piece for the locality. The Serandite is actually a parallel to subparallel growth of at least five crystals with the prominent Serandite crystal being doubly terminated. The top terminations of others comprising the cluster are questionable and obscured by the fine druse of another mineral. The remaining crystals are not terminated on the opposing end. This piece was formerly in the collections of Richard V. Gaines [24984], Alfred Stevenson [1262], and the private collection of Lawrence H. Conklin [965]. A terrific example of this classic material!

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