Analcime with Heulandite
Frombach, Seisser Alps, Italy (formerly Austria)
Cabinet, 10.1 x 7.6 x 6.7 cm
Ex. Phil Scalisi; Harvard Museum
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This is a major locality piece from an old and famous locale, and formerly in the collection of the Harvard Museum (exchanged out to Phil Scalisi long ago). Nestled aesthetically in a vug is a particularly fine, glassy and translucent, snow white crystal of analcime, measuring 5 cm in length. A few crystals of tan, lustrous heulandite, to 2.5 cm in length, are also present on this highly aesthetic and unusual specimen. The analcime has a brightness and luster that would make it stand out from ANYWHERE, but I have not seen one so good from here for sale. Ex Harvard and Scalisi, with labels.