Miniature, 5.1 x 3.4 x 2.6 cm
Bockenrod, Reichelsheim, Odenwald, Hesse, Germany
Ex. Friedrich Krantz; Kay Robertson
Very fine, old-time Rhodochrosite from the Bockenrod group of mines in Germany. This large miniature has two well-defined pockets of medium-red Rhodochrosite. The botryoidal clusters are actually composed of densely packed Rhodo blades, and the luster is very good. There are even a few, razor sharp, near-hexagonal micro blades of Baryte in the main pocket, which are gorgeous close-up. An aesthetic Rhodochrosite in matrix from an old mine, this was #4167 in Kay's collection, and it was acquired from F. Krantz in 1964. Old labels included.