Microcline (Var: Amazonite), Quartz (Var: Smoky Quartz)
Cabinet, 12.9 x 10.9 x 6.4 cm
Crystal Peak Area, Park Co., Colorado, USA

A large, excellent plate of amazonite and smoky quartz, which passed through both the Clarence Coil collection (1968) and later the McKee collection (#TM-778). Coil was a noted field collector from Colorado who was particularly well known for his amazing amazonite finds in the 60s and 70s. Tom McKee was a major Arizona collector known for the quality of his pieces. The color isn't intense here, but the geometry is superb. What is most remarkable about this specimen is that is has NO REPAIRS, which is rare for these large combo plates, as they are so often broken apart in the pocket and have to be carefully reassembled. Except for a couple of little dings on smokies and one rear cleave on a smoky tip it is free of damage, as well. The largest amazonite is 4 cm in height and 3 cm across the termination. The smokies measure to 4 cm as well. There is a really pretty balance here of amazonite and smoky crystals.