Quartz (Herkimer Diamond)
Ace of Diamonds Mine, Middleville, Herkimer Co., New York, USA
Miniature, 3.7 x 2.7 x 2.6 cm
Ex. Ken Roberts

A free-floating cluster of "gems" of quartz, a style we call “Herkimer Diamonds” because this location produces so many of these naturally faceted-looking crystals. This fine miniature is shockingly bright, clean, gemmy, and complete all around. At their best, they have a brilliance that is better than most all quartz except the cleanest of Alpine quartz from Switzerland, and this miniature is no different. The large crystal is nearly 4 cm and is so nicely balanced, which is why we think so highly of this particular miniature compared to others we have had. From the Ken Roberts collection, we assume self-collected.