Microcline var. Amazonite with Albite var. Cleavelandite
Jack Rabbit Claim, Crystal Creek, Crystal Peak, Teller Co., Colorado, USA
Cabinet, 10.3 x 8.8 x 7.6 cm
Ex. Rock Currier
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This specimen is a 3-dimensional sculpture in blue, with geometry, quality, color all around. It is a classic and very attractive Amazonite specimen from the Jack Rabbit claim (a famous 1980s pocket) and part of the the Currier Collection. Rock Currier collected it with his friend Bob Bartsch one summer around 1982-86. At the time they had dug .624 tons of specimens from this notable discovery, remarkable for the specimens not needing repair and restoration despite the size. This great display piece features relatively large and colorful, semi-lustrous, blue-green Amazonite crystals in near parallel arrangement at an aesthetically angled growth. It is like a blue wave of crystals, almost as if in motion! Crystals are to 8 cm in length and are quite robust. There is a 2.5 cm rosette of snow-white Albite (var. Cleavelandite) artistically placed among a few Amazonite crystals in the front for ideal contrast. All of the Amazonite crystals are in pristine condition save one small crystal on the back out of sight. The Pegmatites near the Crystal Peak area of Colorado have produced some very fine Amazonite specimens such as this one. but to obtain specimens of this size and aesthetic without repairs adds a layer of rarity here.