Aquamarine on Quartz and Feldspar, "The Bowtie"
with Microlite inclusions
Large Cabinet, 32.5 x 22.9 x 12.8 cm
WOW. This incredible dramatic specimen, about 13 inches across, is just amazing to me in that it survived the aeons. I think the aesthetics speak for itself. The small inclusions you see are casued by microlite, taken into the crystals during growth. The piece has one repair about the midpoint, and I actually purchased it in two portions - and we only then found they went together in somewhat of a minor miracle! The two portions had come apart in geologic time, and were separated in the pocket when it was found, not realized to connect. There is a small discontinuity to the smoothness at the join because, over time, aquamarine recrystallized minutely over the break and so each half has a few millimeters of extra growth added after the break. When they were rejoined, we left this slight dip at the join as illustrative of the natural processes which form such impressive large pegmatite specimens, rather than grind down the secondary growth to make a perfectly smooth fit. Elsewhere, the pieces fit together semalessly, and you would not even know it was repaired if I did not tell you. It is a LARGE and very striking piece, geometrically, and I think one of the more impressive beryls to come out of here, for sheer visual appeal.