Beryl, Quartz and Feldspar
Shigar Valley, northeast of Skardu, Pakistan
Small Cabinet, 6.4 x 5.4 x 5.0 cm
An unusual lavender-colored beryl, 3-cm long and doubly-terminated, like none I have ever seen form this region or anywhere. I bought this as a trimmer contained within a larger specimen from Herb Obodda after one of his trips, I think 2 years ago. I still have not seen anything like it. The crystal; is absolutely gemmy and transparent, and lustrous, and has a definite tint of lavender color to it. I wouldn't have believed this to be real from some dealers. In sunlight it goes colorless, but in halogen there comes the color. The crystal is doubly-terminated and elegantly perched here, and would be good even if it were just a goshenite (colorless) but I think it is far more unique and significant. Comes with custom base.