Hopeite with Pyromorphite
Kabwe Mine, Kabwe Dist., Central Prov., Zambia
Cabinet, 10.7 x 6.1 x 6.1 cm
Ex. Terry Szenics

A possibly unique combination specimen featuring the unusual contrast of moss green pyromorphite with sharp crystals of the rare mineral Hopeite, to 7 mm. Pyromorphite is not rare per se, but it is certainly rare from this location and all the more so in combination with the premiere rare species known from this Broken Hill Mine (not to be confused with the more famous BH mine in Australia!). Hopeite is often dull and without luster, but this piece has extremely sharp crystals, with a pleasing light or straw-yellow color to them, strewn about on the contrasting green matrix. I have never seen an example of this, with the two together - and it is a big display piece, as well. This is from the collection of well known field collector, rarities specialist, and sometimes-dealer Terry Szenics (Szenicsite), who told me it dates from the 1960s.