Pyromorphite var. Arsenian
Bunker Hill Mine, Yreka Mining Dist., Shoshone Co., Idaho, USA
Small Cabinet, 7.4 x 5.0 x 3.3 cm
Ex. Michael Jaworski
$1,800.00 $1,350.00
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A superb small cabinet-sized specimen of the rare varietal of arsenian orange pyromorphite, which was found here in one single big pocket of this quality in the 1990s. This piece has the best, wet luster, best orange color, and a nice rich display face,. While the crystals are not particularly large, overall it is beautiful. Mike Jaworski helped Wayne Sorenson mine this material and was there when it came out, collected and prepared much of it himself, and kept a small cabinet specimen from each pocket as payment for his help in cleaning and marketing these at the time. This is a particular style from a particular place and time, seldom seen for sale. Ex Jaworski Collection (which they sold to us over a decade ago, but I sold this and it has now come back to me some time later).