Bunker Hill Mine, Shoshone Co., Idaho, USA
Cabinet, 12.1 x 6.3 x 3.8 cm
Ex. Martin Zinn

This specimen of pyromorphite has the most incredible sick wet luster you can ask for, and comes from the famous mid-1980s production here. It was long in the collection of Martin Zinn, and was among his definitive suite of large and showy examples of different styles. The color is a yellow green, sometimes described as a mustard color, but is really quite difficult to set a specific tone to, as the color changes depending on the light and reflections from the hundreds of crystals here. In the end, it is just colorful and gorgeous! Surprisingly, despite the fragility of the soft mineral species and the age, it is in pristine condition on the display face, unusual in a piece this size. Also, it is not a flat plate, but has more rolling geometry in person.