Quartz 'Herkimer Diamond' and Dolomite
Hickory Hill, Fonda, Mohawk Township, Montgomery Co., New York, US
Cabinet, 11.3 x 9.2 x 6.8 cm
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Matrix "Herkimer diamond" Quartz specimens are rare because the crystals commonly pop off the matrix during collecting, as the matrix is simply very hard. This happens to be a very sculptural piece featuring one larger and one smaller, sharp, glassy Quartz crystals - both aesthetically set on a breccia matrix sprinkled with saddle-shaped, ivory-colored Dolomite crystals. The large crystal measures 3 inches in maximum dimension and the smaller one a little more than 2 inches in length. The larger one has more of the robust Herkimer appearance whereas the smaller one looks more like a typical Quartz crystal. Both have abundant, natural internal fractures and vicinal internal geometric shapes internal to them for added character and brightness. The large crystals has a small, 1 inch sidecar companion Quartz at the base. This is a visually impressive and well-composed matrix Herkimer and the Dolomite association is highly unusual. Most matrix Herkimers, and many of the crystal groups, have some sort of repair, but this piece has no repairs! From the old personal collection of former Harvard curator, Bill Metropolis, through well-known East Coast collector George Elling. For the size and balance, this is something we do not see every day from older finds!