Quartz - variety "Diamond Scepter"
Treasure Mountain Diamond Mine, Little Falls, Herkimer Co., New York, USA
Miniature, 5.4 x 2.9 x 2.8 cm
Ex. Richard Rossi
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Herkimer County, New York is renown for its "Herkimer Diamonds" and few may be aware of the Treasure Mountain Mine in that county that produces these little gems in scepter form, much more rare and highly sought after. This is an outstanding example of the sceptered Quartz that rarely comes from this locality in such a large size. This piece is quite architectural with a main crystal that is a lustrous, essentially opaque, glassy, black and 4 cm tall, capped by a water-clear, glassy scepter that is nearly 2 cm in length and looks like the more typical Herkimer Diamond. It's marvelous because the point of the black crystal can be seen in the clear crystal's interior! There is a second, similar Quartz crystal combination attached at an angle near the top for exceptional aesthetic effect. It too has a main black crystal, but this one is jacketed by a thin, clear Quartz overgrowth resulting in a phantom and then it too is capped by a clear 1.5 cm Herkimer that, again, shows the point of the black crystal at the base of its interior! The phantoms are unusually sharp in this piece! This is a truly superb miniature, complete and perfect all around except at their bases where the two larger crystals show their point of attachment in the pocket. Richard Rossi Collection

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