Emerald with Biotite and Graphite
Nova Era, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Small Cabinet, 8.2 x 7.5 x 4.0 cm
Ex. Bruno and Rolando Gioia

WOW! This is a big, beautiful Emerald crystal group on matrix from Nova Era, Brazil, which admittedly is famous for BIGGER groups yet those do not appeal to our tastes as specimen collectors (some valued weirdly in the millions as facet rough - which they are not). This is a spectacular cluster consisting of four major translucent to opaque Emerald crystals sculpturally arranged with/on a matrix of Biotite-Graphite schist; and with some minor milky Quartz for fantastic contrast! The largest columnar crystal measures nearly three inches in length and over an inch across with sharp faces and edges and a perfect pinacoid (flat) termination. The other three crystals lie dramatically in front of it. An interesting and elongated inclusion of the Biotite schist was incorporated during the growth of the large crystal and can be seen on one side towards the rear. The other three Emerald crystals range from prismatic to tabular with the two stout ones having a perfect flat termination on the top - each one at an inch, to over an inch, in length. The tabular crystal sidecar on the backside is unusual for the locality and and is almost one and half inches across and three-quarters of an inch thick, mostly complete except at the base, and is doubly terminated! The glistening, Biotite schist makes the perfect host for these handsome crystals; and there are even thin, subtle veils of super fine-grained Biotite-Graphite in the Emerald crystals locally to provide added aesthetics. A significant small cabinet Emerald specimen from Brazil. It is not your normal "gem emerald" small crystal or a typical style for collectors, but the fact that it actually is a great example of a find and style that most of us have ignored in the past, as they are mostly industrial and carving material, makes it all the more special to me. It is certainly dramatic, and green, up on a shelf!

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