Eosphorite and Zanazziite, Montebrasite and Opal
Ilha Claim, Taquaral, Itinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Cabinet, 9.3 x 8.7 x 5.1 cm
Ex. Bruno and Rolando Gioia
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A possibly unique assemblage that is shocking at first glance and really looked like an Afghani Spodumene crystal was glued into a Brazilian phosphate specimen - a visual puzzle when we unpacked this collection! Several clusters of brown Eosphorite along with tiny Zanazziite crystals accentuate one end of a chunky Quartz crystal that is partially coated with hyalite opal (we can tell because the gel-looking thin layer fluoresces in UV). And… the Quartz also hosts a pale straw yellow crystal of what looks at first like Spodumene! However, the location is famously known for the world's best Montebrasite crystals, and that is what we have here. And this is not merely a reference level association! It is a large, fine crystal at 4.7 cm long with translucency and a sharp termination! Overall, put it together and we have an aesthetic and possibly unique pegmatite combination specimen from Brazil. A druse and divergent sprays of translucent to transparent, coffee colored crystals of Eosphorite dusted with tiny (less than 1 mm) green Zanazziite crystals dominate one-third of this singular specimen. It can be displayed with the brown-red halo atop, or coming out to one side if you want to accentuate the Montebrasite. Eosphorite is a hydrated manganese-aluminum phosphate and Zanazziite is a hydrated calcium-magnesium-beryllium phosphate. Both of these secondary phosphates are produced by alteration of a primary phosphate like Triphylite or Lithiophilite. White ethereal bands of Hyalite Opal are present locally on the Quartz and it glows a yellowish color under shortwave UV light. A very distinctive Brazilian pegmatite combination specimen. From the multigenerational family collection of Rolando and Bruno Gioia of Sao Paolo. This combination really surprised us, which happens too seldom.