Tantalite-(Fe) with Tantalite-(Mn) - illustrated
Alto da Cruz, Equador, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Miniature, 4.0 x 3.5 x 2.3 cm
Ex. Bruno and Rolando Gioia
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A unique specimen featuring BOTH varieties of iron rich and manganese rich tantalite species, not only in close proximity to one another but actually intergrown! HOW would that happen, one asks? This is unique in all the specimens I have seen, and in fact we cannot recall seeing another such combination of these two end members of this important mineral, from any locality. Like so many choice treasures of this local Brazilian collection built over two generations, it has special aesthetics. Illustrated in a beautiful photo, Mineral Collections of Brazil, 2020, page 121 as shown. This is a stunningly interesting, competition-level miniature because it is pretty, and unique.

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