Wulfenite with Calcite coating
Glove Mine, Santa Cruz Co., Arizona, USA
Cabinet, 9.5 x 4.3 x 4.3 cm
Ex. Dalton and Consie Prince; Lawrence H. Conklin
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Superbly crystallized blades of mustard yellow Wulfenite are arranged in an imbricated, elongate cluster of thin, tabular, square crystals brandishing copious amounts of drusy, white Calcite that coat the front and top of the Wulfenites. The Wulfenites reach 2.3cm and are well-formed and visible from the rear but largely hidden from the front by the Calcite. The Calcite consists of delicate white, tightly grouped rosettes of bladed crystals that blanket the Wulfenites and are very lightly tinted a brown-red from a hematite dusting near the top on the back side for added highlight. There is a distinct, charcoal gray demarcation at the bottom of the piece where the Wulfenite grew on botryoidal Cryptomelane and/or Pyrolusite. The piece has a few broken crystals, as is typical of these Glove Mine pieces. According to Mindat: "The latest name of this mine was derived from the fact that the best ore lined, or coated, the ends of tubes or ore chimneys, which resemble large fingers, just as a glove would cover the fingers of a hand." A classic and engaging piece from the Glove Mine!

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