Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Smith Co., Tennessee, USA
Large Cabinet, 18.0 x 12.9 x 7.0 cm
Ex. Consie and Dalton Prince
$2,400.00 Payment Plan Available
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Highlighted by a cognac colored, gemmy, twinned and doubly-terminated calcite crystal, 13.0 cm across, this cluster of calcite crystals has a jackstraw appearance. It is one solid plate of flashing faces and reflections, as you turn it in the light, and can be displayed any number of ways! One of the side crystals with little color has damage at the termination, but overall this is nearly pristine, which is shocking for the size. It is a visually appealing specimen that displays very nicely, especially for the combination of size and price. From old material of the late 1970s and early 1980s, long held in the collection of houston dealers Consie and Dalton Prince. We bought these from the family after they passed, and found a treasure trove of classic Elmwood specimens not seen in decades. Interestingly, this still has a $125 price tag on the back, bottom. Consie told me once, that those were the prices they paid at the time they came out (which would now be nearly 40 years ago) - and keep in mind, these were not valued nearly then as they are today, because the mine was producing and the community of buyers was also so much smaller back in the day. So, for the time, it was a fair price for a nice large plate.