Quartz (Japan Law twin)
Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Small Cabinet, 9.5 X 9.2 X 1.7
Ex. Rick Hottel

From one of the world's greatest quartz locales that rarely produces twins, this is a textbook "off-center" twin of the Japan Law habit, from Diamantina. Usually, the twin wings are equant and balanced, but this one shows unusual growth in which one wing is more developed than the other. Although one would expect that not to be the most aesthetic choice, in this case it actually works: It displays really nicely, and actually is balanced as far as the visual midline goes, as displayed standing up on a custom lucite base (provided gratis). A fine old piece, from the important Brazil sub-collection of Daniel Trinchillo Sr., sold at auction at Heritage Auctions in Dallas nearly 10 years ago. This is basically mine-run, and has not been to the lab yet, I now realize. If one wishes, a little cleaning and a few small restorations on shallow dings, will go a long way and really sparkle this specimen up quite a bit (a bargain, as is!).