Quartz (Optical Quality)
Small Cabinet, 8.5 x 1.6 x 1.4 cm
San Cristobal, Santander Department, Colombia

Another of the best crystals I obtained from a shocking new pocket of absolutely incredible, facet-quality quartzes out of Colombia! There were about a hundred crystals at the show with one dealer recently back from this place, but most had tip dings that I could not live with. This is an exceptional piece for the find, totally pristine, and with optical clarity. It has just one very slight, almost infinitesimal rub at the top do not see it at first, you can barely feel it even. In PERSON IT HAS HIGHER luster than the camera can catch. The horizontal lines you see, in person, add both luster and pizzazz to the outer surface. Other than a few crystals from the famous McEarl pocket in Arkansas, I have simply not seen this outrageous clarity and brightness in quartz points before...Out of literally thousands of quartz crystals I have handled.