Helvite, Quartz
Kara-Oba W deposit, Betpakdala Desert (Bet-Pak-Dal Desert), Qaraghandy Oblysy (Karaganda Oblast'), Kazakhstan
Cabinet, 10.8 x 8.4 x 6.5 cm
This specimen features a very large (for the locality) 8 mm, sharp helvite crystal included near the termination of a glassy, transparent to translucent cabinet quartz crystal. It is from the now-defunct Kara-Oba tungsten mine of Kazakhstan (mined for military supply once). The large quartz crystal is complete all-around, has contacting on only one side and has trivial edge wear for such a large crystal. This came from the Fersman Museum of Moscow back stock in the early 1990s, Dmitriy Belakovskiy, then a curator there on travel to the Houston Museum to support the Faberge exhibit.