Beryl (Var: Aquamarine), Albite
Shigar Valley, Skardu District, Baltistan, Northern Areas, Pakistan
Large Cabinet, 17.2 x 8.8 x 7.0 cm
This is a huge aqua for the price, with intense blue color an unusually dark hue for Shigar aquamarine. It weighs I nat a hefty 1245 grams or almost 3 pounds in weight. The piece displays beautifully, and is very gemmy in the top portion. The opacity of the lower half contributes to the deepness of color, and is actually a good thing in this case. The whole huge crystal has just one teeny little, inconsequential ding on one side edge, that you cannot see but can only feel by touch. It is basically pristine, and is definitely unrepaired - remarkable for a crystal of such size. 17.2 x 8.8 x 7.0 cm