Nagyagite on Sphalerite With Rhodochrosite And Quartz
Sacaramb (Nagyag), Siebenburgen, Hunedoara Co., Romania (TYPE LOCALITY)
Cabinet, 12.5 x 6.8 x 3.0 cm
ex. Dr. Werner Paar Collection Nagyagite is one of those romantic old European rarities because it is mineralogically and historically interesting, both. This is a very large, rich plate with FREESTANDING (unetched from calcite!) crystals to 4 mm of this very rare species, from its type locality, richly scattered over a matrix composed of sphalerite with decorative pale pink rhodochrosite accent. It is important that this has not been etched out from calcite as with so many nagyagite specimens, as that preparation method changes the natural patina on the surface of the crystals. These are rather robust, stubby crystals, nicely interspersed with rhodochrosite aggregates on ore matrix. (TYPE LOCALITY)