Baryte With Orpiment
El' Brusskiy (Elbrusskiy) Mine, Northern Caucasus Region, Russia
Small Cabinet, 9.0 x 5.0 x 2.0 cm

You are probably familiar with the bright orange-red plates of orpiment from this locality (there is one in this update). But you probably have not seen specimens from this tiny find, a pocket of GEM Baryte in association with the orpiment! Not many specimens at all came out, and over 90% of them were damaged, partial crystals. This is by far the largest crystal we have seen from the find (mid-2005), and incredibly gemmy as well! It is complete and TERMINATED, too, there were only a handful that were. The termination is rough, yes, but it is natural (contacted - not damaged or chipped). The color is a BEAUTIFUL gemmy citrine-amber hue. The Baryte itself measures 6 cm, over 2 inches. For this find, this is a truly significant specimen!

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