Baryte with Calcite
Meikle Mine, Elko Co., Nevada, USA
Cabinet, 11.2 x 7.3 x 3.5 cm
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This big, thick, honey-yellow Baryte crystal from the Meikle Gold Mine in Nevada is graced with a cluster white Calcite on one side for super aesthetics! The Baryte crystal is incredibly lustrous, transparent to translucent and measures 9.7 cm along the bottom edge, 7.3 cm in height and 1.7 cm thick! The color is a vibrant and captivating honey-yellow in contrast to the white groups of disc-shaped Calcite crystals on the left side of the piece. The Baryte has well defined faces and edges and the large, tabular faces show faint, intricate growth lines in the right light. Most Baryte specimens from the Meikle Mine are a medium to light yellow and this is a rich deep yellow color with much more intense saturation, much more glassy luster, and just a dramatic look to it overall. Beautiful fluorescence on the calcite as well! Ex Martin Jensen Collection (he collected it, probably in the 1990s).