Emerald With Quartz and Uvite
Cabinet, 10.5 x 6.0 x 3.0 cm
Brumado, Bahia, Brazil
This specimen is a floater, COMPLETE and terminated all around with all three of the quartzes even doubly-terminated. The bottom termination on the emerald is rough, but its a termination. The piece must have grown rapidly in pocket and then fallen from the matrix, while solution of emerald was still flowing through to cap off and continue growth on the once-broken termination at bottom. The top faces are sharp and lustrous, ingrown with the diagonally-attached quartzes (again, all doubly-terminated!). I had a big doubt when I got offered this down in Brazil that, for the size and aspect, it could be from Brumado. Yet, there are two characteristic Brumado-style magnesite crystals perched off the bottom-right hand face of the emerald. Also, to prove it further, there are a few 5mm, green, disc-shaped uvite crystals present (on the left, attached to the emerald; and another included inside the left tip of the upwards-pointing quartz crystal). Aside from a very clean (nearly invisible!) repair at about the 3/4-up point, it is pristine and complete all around with no damage. It is not gemmy, but it is definitely green - and 4 inches tall. A very surprising, unique style for a Brumado beryl, striking because it is just so different from the norm. Weight is 123 grams