Red Cloud Mine, Yuma County, Arizona, USA
Miniature, 4.2 x 3.7 x 2.4 cm
Ex. Martin Lewadny
Just say the words "Red Cloud" and images of classic orange-red Wulfenites pop into your mind, and this specimen fits that mold nicely: it is of the old style and surely predates the 1940s when fat juicy crystals like this were found in a few famous pockets. The main crystal is about 1.9 cm (though the base of the specimen has a wulfie 1.8 cm in size!), and the color and luster both are excellent on all the crystals. What makes this unusual, and so nice, is that the crystals are intergrown with the matrix, creating a specimen unusually dense in Wulfenite blades. It is not pristine...Admittedly, some of the blades have some typical contacting and dings, but the overall effect is not diminished by it because of the color saturation, luster, and color pizzazz. A very good specimen for "showw effect" at a cheap price, I think. Per Marty: "This wulfenite is also from a trade with the ROM. It is one of the older specimens--perhaps Ed Over as that was a possible when I was talking with the curators years ago."