Calcite - large cluster
Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Smith Co., Tennessee, USA
Large Cabinet, 27.2 x 16.5 x 13.0 cm
Ex. Consie and Dalton Prince
$15,000.00 Payment Plan Available
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A gorgeous, very colorful specimen of old 1970-80s era Elmwood calcite that can look good either horizontally or vertically. For that matter, either side looks good... there are so many display options here, so please see the video as we struggle to hold this for the camera and rotate it.. The two largest crystals of calcite in this cluster are both doubly-terminated with multi-forked tips for visual appeal, and they are in very good condition almost all complete, with just a few very trivial cleaves or dings you have to really look to spot). The intense cognac color and gemminess is more pronounced at the terminations but the whole cluster has good color, and....surprisingly it seems to be a floater with no attachment points. The sides and bottom are also terminated and crystallized. The large crystal is a whopping 21.0 cm across. Pristine too! This piece is so large and perfect, you just do NOT come across such things often - even in the heyday of the mine. We obtained this and others here long ago from the long held private estate collection of Houston dealers Consie and Dalton Prince, who sold so much of this material in the 1980s-90s. At nearly 11 pounds in weight, this is a massive, eye catching piece in surprisingly good condition - which is why the Prince's kept it back for decades while selling the more common quality of production here.